Client Insights beta

Use Engine Yard Client Insights to:

  • quickly access usage information by development/digital agency client. View month-to-date and historical per-environment and per-application usage roll-ups and trend charts for each agency client.

  • find out if you qualify for the Engine Yard Partner Junction Program incentives plan, and track your incentives status daily.

  • View key health metrics for each application to identify performance issues in real time (powered by New Relic)

  • Access hundreds of exclusive and highly qualified Ruby, PHP, Node.js and Java project leads through our crowed-sourced opportunities Marketplace (powered by MyCrowd)

To access Client Insights, click on the “Partner Junction Dashboard” link above. Once in the Dashboard:

  • To obtain Environment and Application Reports go to:

    Reports > Environment or Reports > Applications
    in the top menu bar. All your Engine Yard data for this account from the last 12 months will be automatically available without the need for additional set up or configuration

  • To see a breakdown by client in your Environment or Application Reports go to:

    My Account > Clients Set up 

    and assign a client to each each app and environment. Then run the Environment or Application report

  • To view aggregate reports across multiple Engine Yard Accounts, go to:

    My Account > Account set up 

    and follow instructions to add Referred Accounts. Then run the Environment or Application report

Use the Help link in the top bar for additional information on using the Partner Junction Dashboard

Please log in if you would like to set up the service.