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Solano CI is a hosted Continuous Integration and Deployment service that sets up in a snap.

Solano speeds up your development process by auto-configuring for your app, automatically running your tests in parallel for a 2-10x speedup, organizing results by test script to let you pinpoint problems quickly, and automatically deploying to EngineYard if your tests pass.

Solano’s secure test workers run your tests with sandboxed instances of popular databases and web browsers using Selenium and Capybara-Webkit. You can even use Solano’s CLI to debug individual tests without having to run a full build!


$15 per month

  • 2 workers per build
  • 10 worker-hours per month included
  • Best for solo projects or <1min test suites


$50 per month

  • 4 workers per build
  • 40 worker-hours per month included
  • Best for 1-2 person teams with <10min test suites


$100 per month

  • 8 workers per build
  • 200 worker-hours per month included
  • Best for large teams, with large browser-based/integration test suites


$*** contact us

  • More than 8 workers per build, customized workers, fixed pricing terms, VPN integration

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